Dip pens turned in France with ebony wood, rosewood, bone, galalith

Dip Pens

A Dip pen or pen holder is a writing instrument which is composed of a handle at the end of which ins inserted a metallic nib that is soaked in ink to write and draw. 

Dip pen succeeded the goose quill and was ousted by the use of fountain pen in the 1960s. The fact is that there are still many different nibs which are more or less flexible, hard, fine, bold, allowing you to write, calligraphy and draw. Dip pen remains an indispensables instrument for the use of these nibs. 

Dip pens of L'Ecritoire are available in our Parisian shop and here are some pieces (to start with) on our online shop. 

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Dip Pen made of bone -...

Dip Pen made of bone hand-turned and hand-polished in France for L'Ecritoire. This dip pen is unique because of its shape, its color, its length...

Ebonite dip pen with a cap

Ebonite dip pen with a cap from the 1930s. For the record, it is one of the last wonderful finds from the store. At the start, it was a fountain...

Red Filigree Quill -...

Write with a pretty quill pen ... Mainly decorative, L'Ecritoire quill pen holder is used like a traditional one. It has a standard metal tip for...