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Greeting cards and writing papers from L'Ecritoire are a small concentrate of European creations ... from France, passing through Belgium, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and with a (small) detour in the Czech Republic and in Finland ... Sometimes also the L'Ecritoire crosses the oceans to offer cards from Japan, the United States or Canada in its 19m2.

A beautiful journey of ink, paint and watercolor, sometimes linocut, pressed flowers, hot stamping or laser cutting, vellum paper, glazed and laid, artisanal and also industrial techniques.

Small beautiful and original series to send a sweet word or a birthday card, thank you, for a birth or a wedding, an invitation, greeting card for the happy new year ... Available mainly in our Parisian shop with a small selection on our Online Store.

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Les Petites Boutiques -...

Pop-up card in paper representing the charming  and typical French shop fronts: florist, bakery, bistro restaurant, delicatessen and Paris fashion....

Happy Birthday pop-up card

Happy Birthday pop-up card in vellum paper made up of a succession of laser-cut plans. We can see a "Happy Birthday" banner, wrapped gifts, cats,...