Hand stamped bookmark


Careful not to lose the thread of the story, the bookmark slips and drops between the pages, to the delight of the book and the reader!

These elegant bookmarks are embossed by hand in Paris. This embossing is achieved by placing the 320g/m2 paper between an etched die and its sunken counterpart and exercising pressure. This elaborate technique provides an outstanding design with great precision in the raised effect and the colors.

L'Ecritoire offers a large number of hand-stamped bookmarks: red or gold rose, black cat with its four-leaf clover, navy anchor, red ladybug, green clover, treen olive tree, gray Eiffel Tower, golden bee, garden hedgehog, fish, squirrel on a bicycle, golden lyre.

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Product: Hand stamped bookmark

Model: to choose from the list

Size: 15 x 4,5 cm

Paper: 320 g/m2 

Handcrafted in Belgium and Paris.

As these bookmarks are handcrafted, the size and colors may vary slightly.

Rose rouge

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