4 double postcards Jean Zeboulon and matching envelopes - n°2


Jean Zéboulon plays with words, plants, animals ... But also with illustrations and typographies!

Timeless and poetic, his cards travel back in time without taking a wrinkle and always making us laugh as much! Also it is difficult to translate them in English! The children one could be translated as: "Instead of forcing our children to cover themselves too much, let's learn to (dis)cover them every day a little more"

L'Ecritoire offers in the set  n°1 : 4 double postcards with a card of each presented model and the matching envelopes.

They are published in small series in France from his books "Bestiaire pour les jours de cafard" (Bestiary for cockroach days), "Pensées pour moi-même et quelques autres" (Thoughts for myself and a few others) et "Jardin pour les jours de pluie".

Product: 4 double postcards with one card per model with matching enveloppes. 

Model:  Jean Zéboulon : nos enfants, l'adolescent, les orties et la soupe.

Edited and printed in small series in France.

If you wish to order a specific postcard model only, please write to us.

4 Cartes JZ n°2