Galalith and boxwood dip pen holder


Dip pen holder in Galalith and Boxwood, handcrafted in France. This straight dip pen has standard metal claws in order to use a very large majority of writing, calligraphy and drawing nibs. It can be used to start calligraphy but also for more experienced writers.

Galalith is a polymer, a hard and silky material made from stone and milk. Discovered in 1889, it was widely used in the years 1920-1950 to make certain everyday objects such as buttons or pens. Galalith is biodegradable, antiallergic and antistatic!

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Product: Galalith and Boxwood dip pen holder with a metal nib. Please choose from the 5 colors of Galalithe.

These dip pen holders are handcrafted in France.  It is therefore not possible to make exactly identical pieces. Also, the Galalith knows variations in color from one penholder to another.

Handcrafted in France.

N°1 - Rose

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