Glass Dip Pen for writing and drawing


Glass dip pen for writing and drawing. Handcrafted in France, this glass pen has a point of remarkable finesse for a homogeneous application of the ink. Its twisted shape retains the ink in the grooves and returns it ideally and evenly by sliding on the paper.

This glass pen can be used with all kinds of inks (calligraphic, stylographic, India ink...), or any other liquid that stains (watercolor, extra fine gouache ..). You just need to clean it well and wipe it dry after use.

The glass pen comes with a small glass pen rest to prevent it from rolling on the desk, and a kraft box to store (and transport!).

Each glass pen is a unique piece.




Product: a glass pen and a glass pen rest. The set is delivered in a kraft box.

Material: 100% glass

The size varies from one glass nib to another: between 17 and 20 cm. Each glass pen is a unique piece.

They are made by hand and in small series in France.

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