Limoges porcelain Christmas pencil pot


Pencil pot with Christmas decors and fine gold borders. Entirely drawn and hand painted, these pencil pots are beautiful desk decoration.

The porcelain comes from Limoges in France, and the decor is hand painted by the superb Barbeau&Barbotine workshop in the Paris region. It takes three bakes of 12 hours to make a pencil pot.

L'Ecritoire offers a choice of: the small pencil pot, the large one or both assorted.




Product: Hand painted Limoges porcelain pencil pots with fine gold borders.

Model: Christmas

Dimensions of the small pencil holder (height x width): 6.5 x 6 cm

Weight of the small pencil holder: 105g

Dimensions of the large pencil holder (height x width): 9.5 x 6.5 cm

Weight of the large pencil holder:  200g

Handcrafted in France.

Grand pot - Noël