Marguerite - Oak and pewter desk set


Desk set composed of a solid oak top, a glass inkwell with a screw pitch, and a matching dip pen holder. The wooden base has a curved part as a pen tray to accommodate the dip pen holder and a square notch to stabilize the inkwell. This set will both decorate and organize a desk.

This set is entirely handcrafted in France. Oak wood is a very hard and resistant material. Pewter is a natural, non-toxic and totally recyclable resource.

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Product: desk set made of 3 pieces : a solid oak base, an inkwell and a pewter pen holder.

Model : Marguerite 

Total weight: 300 grammes

Oak base weight: 115 grammes

Dimensions of the oak base (Length x width x height): 16 x 11.5 x 1.5 cm

Handcrafted with care in France.