Galalith mechanical pencil from the 1950s


Small mechanical pencil with an aluminum box filled with old leads. The mechanism of this mechanical pencil is old but works very well, the lead comes out when the button is turned. It was most likely made in the 1950s in Galalith. It is a hard and silky material very used in the XXth century resulting from the mixture of casein of milk with stone.

The required mines are 0.9mm in size. This format is unfortunately no longer standard today and we only have a very small stock of these old mines.

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Product: mechanical pencil with an aluminium box of old leads 0.9mm

Material: Galalith

Length of the mechanical pencil: 9,5 cm

Diameter: 1,2 cm - 0,8 cm

This product is old but it has never been used. It is sold as it is.

Porte-mine Galalithe 50s