Writing with pen and ink

L'Ecritoire carefully selects a beautiful collection of inks for pens, penholders and calligraphy usage.

They are many of pretty ink bottle to choose from including handmade ones, coloured, pigmented, glittered, pearlescent, silver, golden, metallic! Cartridges are also available.

L'Ecritoire || Noodler's || Herbin || Lamy

L'Ecritoire Inks

Since 1975, L'Ecritoire has been creating its own inks. First under the brand Optimus (the family brand via our grandfather and Est Tardy) and then under the name of the store.

To write with a calligraphy pen (not fountain pen), in bottles of 10ml and 30ml - Made in France.

Noodler's Inks

Unusual names and labels for surprising ink colors.
In a bottle of 3Oz hailing from the US, which is around 88.5mL.
Please note that the availability of stock can take time due to coming from afar.
L'Ecritoire is the only point of sale in France and even in Europe.

The number of colours exceeds 100, we propose a small selections of around 15 shades in our stationery shop. Discover Noodler's inks color chart.

Herbin Inks

Herbin, a historical French brand and indispensable supplier of ink for fountain pens and pigmented inks.
Inks with various bottles, 30 or 50mL, shimmering colors, poetic and evocative names.
Perle Noire || Lie de Thé || Rouge Opéra || Violette Pensée || Eclat de Saphir || 1670 ink and a few more...

LAMY's Inks

L'Ecritoire offer a selection of coloured LAMY cartridges for branded fountain pens.
As well as 30 mL black or blue ink bottles and LAMY roller and ball refills.
Made in Germany.