139 years of history for L'Ecritoire.. Yes, just that!

It all started in 1881 with the manufacture of school inkwells by great grandfather Tardy. His son André continued this production until his death in 1973 with that of stamp wetters, inkwells, ashtrays, 4-color pens and fountain pens. On 9th December 1975, L'Ecritoire opened its doos at number 61 from rue Saint Martin in Paris; from 1882 to 2000 a second boutique was located in the heart of Lyon...

All that to say that L'Ecritoire has an attic filled with wonders (and some oldies too): inkwell, Optimus 4 color pens from the grandfather, fountain pen, school bucket, blotting pads, etc. 

These vintage or second-hand stationery items are available in our online store. They will be added over time. Sometimes only one piece is available, sometimes a little more... Enjoy

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Ebonite dip pen with a cap

Ebonite dip pen with a cap from the 1930s. For the record, it is one of the last wonderful finds from the store. At the start, it was a fountain...

Letter tray in Limoges...

Letter tray in Limoges porcelain and matching blotter pad. An orange marble effect with a silver metallic border are drawn and painted by hand....

Limoges porcelain nib box

Small box for writing, calligraphy and drawing nibs. Made of Limoges porcelain, it will keep your precious nibs elegantly. It has an egg shape and...