Paper embossers or embossing presses allow to manually make an embossed print on the paper.. We talk then about embossing, dry stamping, paper press or stamping. We can then personnalise a sheet of paper, a letter, a book, an enveloppe and thus discreetly authenticate a document... without the use of ink or sealing wax.

L'Ecritoire embossing presses are custom engraves in France from your logo, drawing, name or initials.. Composed of an office device in which comes to slip a metal clamp, called "jaw". On this jaw is fixes on one side positive plate of your drawing and on the other a negative one; allowing to press the sheet of paper. L'Ecritoire offers two different models:

Embossing clamp

Corresponding to a stapler to be placed on the desk. This model can emboss paper 80/90 grs.
Pince à gaufrer le papier

Embossing press

More robust, it allows to emboss papers from 80 to 160grs. It is possible to choose the margin of the sheet edge, 70 or 120mm.
L'Ecritoire Papeterie Paris

For any request, please contact us by email:
the logo/text you can't to create, as a .pdf file or better as a .ai one.
the desired shape and dimensions for your embossing. The imprint can be square, rectangular or circular. The relatively common dimensions are 20x20mm, 30x30mm for the squares, diameter 20, 25, 30 or perhaps 35mm for circulars.
with or without a thread around the stamp
embossed page side: top, bottom, left or right side.
the desired model: clamp or press.

L'Ecritoire deadlines are 15 days upon receipt of your payment to create the embosser. We can then redo other different logo and use them on the same embossers device.