Original and colourful pens designed and made in the Haut-Jura region in France.
JP Lepine works from materials such as ebony, rosewood, pistachio or high quality acetates, brass and stainless steels.
Models presented at L'Ecritoire:
Indigo || Winston || Yuzu || Carré


Pilot's retractable fountain pen is the Capless pen created by the Japanese pen brand Pilot in 1963 in Tokyo. This fountain pen is one of a kind because it has no cap. Just press the push button to pop out the nib; like a ballpoint pen! Its 18-carat gold nib is a real pleasure.
Models presented at L'Ecritoire:



Noodler's fountain pens are from the United States. They are almost impossible to find on the old continent, and L'Ecritoire is currently the only point of sale in Europe.
Their flexible nib recreates the experience of handwriting during the era of our grandparents without the ink stains on the paper and fingers !
Models presented at L'Ecritoire:
Ahab flex-nib with piston filling (without cartridge)


The Kaweco Pen Factory started in 1883 in Heidelberg, Germany.
Its piston pen and famous Classic Sport model made it a success from the 30s to the 70s.
Relaunched in 1995, Kaweco continues to manufacture its models in the pure Art Deco tradition: brass mechanism, old-fashioned veneer and hand polishing.

Models presented at L'Ecritoire:

Fountain Pen: AL Sport (black/metal/brass) || Classic || Liliput (aluminium/brass/copper) || Special

Mechanical pencil : Sport || Special || Sketchup

Ball: Sport

Accessories : staples || refills pens ||


Lamy is the first brand of writing instrument in Germany. Since 1947 Lamy pens represent a symbol of innovation, creativity and a reliable brand recognized by connoisseurs worldwide.
On can choose different nib types: extra fine, fine, medium, wide, left and calligraphic (1.1, 1.5, 1.9).

Models presented at L'Ecritoire:

Fountain pen: Safari || Joy || Studio || Al-Star || Metal || abc

Ball pen: Pico || Scribble

Multi fonctions: pencil + ball || pencil + ball 2 or 3 colors || 4 color ball

Accessories : convecters || Lamy cartridges || spare nibs


A well-known French brand of pens and leather goods.
L'Ecritoire offers you a selection of shiny and colourful fountain pens and rollers, made in Europe.

Models presented at L'Ecritoire:

Fountain pen: Soyouz || Replica || Crystal || Baby Press || Traveller

Ball: Shakin


Caran d'Ache manufacture was born in 1915 when the watchmaking and jewelery industries were in full expansion in Switzerland.

Swiss Made, Caran d'Ache pens are timeless and innovative. L’Ecritoire Paris offers a selection of pen, ball and pencil in bright colors and a few "pencil sharpening machine".

Models presented at L'Ecritoire:

Fountain pen: 849 (nibs : EF, F, M or B)

Ball: Ecridor and 849

Mechanical pencil: 849


The historic brand of our grandfather André Tardy from 1881. Only a small stock of the four-color ballpoint collector and vintage pens exist.
100% made in France !!

Available exclusively upon special request.