L'Ecritoire offers a collection of writing and calligraphy instruments, both for those starting out in the calligraphy world and for those already knowledgeable in the art of writing.

Writing nib || Penholder || Calligraphy fountain pen|| Calligraphy box


Italian, French, German, English nibs, a great part of Europe! They are ideal for different handwriting styles such as modern calligraphy, Copperplate, Gothic ...
Some nibs are a bit rare, as for example the "scope of music" with his 5 fingers.
At the unit
In pockets of 4 nibs
In bulk


Wooden Dip pens turned in France with beautiful materials such as ebony, rosewood, exotic pair wood, but also Galalithe, bone, Horne and some in double material. Each dip pen is unique.
Wooden penholder made in Germany.
Different styles such as modern, antique, long, decorated, cork ...
Curved pen holders made of plastic in Asia - Manufacturers of these products are difficult to find in our regions. We are now proposing an oblique pen 100% made of wood and 100% made in France.


Handcrafted in France
Classic or with a decorative quill pen: red, burgundy, blue, black, green, white, and sometimes pink.
Pewter handle "natural" color or "bronze" finish.
Wide choice of patterns:
Fleur de Lys, Napoléon, Filigrane, Fleur, croix des Templiers, Rose, Marguerite...


Different boxes and writing kits can be discovered at the shop in line with the seasons and the inspiration of the moment.

Les jeunes années du godet scolaire

Avec Charles Trenet
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