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Wax Seals

In olden times, wax stamps were used to seal envelopes that no-one had read before you. Mainly decorative nowadays, the use of wax evokes stationery elegance and intimate communication to your loved ones or creation for a special invitation. L'Ecritoire proposes a unique range of wax seal stamps and coloured natural wax sticks to personalise your hand-written letters and lovely snail-mails. 

L'Ecritoire offers 3 collections of wax seal stamps entirely made in France. They are used in the same way, however the manufacturing processes and materials used differ.




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Sedan Chair - Wax Seal...

Wax seal stamp "Chaise à porteurs" / "Sedan Chair" made of pewter, handcrafted in France.  Pewter is a natural resource, non-toxic, and completely...

Eagle of Napoleon - Wax...

Square wax seal stamp with the eagle of Napoleon and a monogram N under its paws. The wax seal stamp is made of natural pewter (Etain in French!)...

Letter Script Wax Seal Stamp

Letter script wax seal stamp is made with a round solid brass head and a colored wood handle.  The typography Script is characterized by a soft and...

Sun - Wax seal stamp

Wax seal stamp with a "Sun" motif made of brass to screw to a varnished wood handle (color of your choice). A perfect gift for stationery lovers...