Inkwell, pen rests and nib boxes made of pewter, glass and porcelain.

Inkwells & Pen rests

Write with colored ink and a dip pen? Decorate a desk with a beautiful inkwell?

Practical and elegant, inkwells and pen rests are both ideal for aspiring writers, seasoned calligraphers, pen designers as well as for ink and paper lovers. They allow the ink to be contained without drying or evaporating while avoiding ink splashing on the desk.

"I don't dip my pen in an inkwell but in life" wrote Blaise Cendrars

L'Ecritoire offers classic and modern inkwells and pen holders .. and small boxes for storing precious writing and drawing nibs. 

Mainly in pewter, bronze and glass and soon in Limoges porcelain, they are available in our shop and here are some pieces (to start) on our Online Shop.

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Rose garden inkwell in...

Limoges porcelain inkwell decorated with old roses and separated with fine gold ivy. This inkwell is proposed with a small porcelain bucket to drop...

Limoges porcelain school...

Small Limoges porcelain inkwell with the traditional shape of the school bucket that has accompanied thousands of French schoolchildren in learning...

Solid oak pen box

Solid oak wood pen box to accommodate a dip pen or a pen. The box opens with two metal hinges that lock when the lid is open. In the middle of the...

Oak and pewter desk set

Desk set composed of a solid oak top, a glass inkwell with a domed pewter and bronze cap and a matching filigree dip pen holder. The wooden base...

Limoges porcelain nib box

Small box for writing, calligraphy and drawing nibs. Made of Limoges porcelain, it will keep your precious nibs elegantly. It has an egg shape and...

Dip pen tray made of pewter

Decorated with a feather, this pewter pen case is compartmentalized to store dip pens as well as writing or drawing nibs. It can accommodate  from...