Fauna & Flora Pop-up greeting cards


Handcrafted pop up postcard that expands when you open it. These cards are real gifts and will please both the sender and the recipient !! To send or to offer for a birthday, a thank you or simply for a thoughtful and poetic note.

They are laser cut in Germany and produced in very small series with very high quality white, red, blue and orange creation paper.

When the card is closed, it slips into its envelope and can thus be sent very easily. Each card is accompanied by a lined and white envelope of standard size C6.




Product: pop-up card with a white envelope.  170 g/m2 and 200 g/m2 creation paper. FSC-certified paper and cardboard, sustainable forestry protects our environnement. 

Model: to choose

Envelope size: C6 - 11.4 x 16.2 cm

Handcrafted in Germany.

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