Flora Printed and Laser Cut Greeting Cards


This card collection is made from an A4 sheet of Italian graphic paper folded in 3. Each card is printed and finely laser cut and on flora theme. 

Poetic and rich in detail, these cards are a real gift that the recipient can keep as a decorative object by letting the light pass between the laser-cut details ... A marvel!

They can be sent without moderation throughout the year as a greeting card, birthday, wedding, thank you ...

Handcrafted in the Czech Republic, each card comes with a hand-printed envelope with a handcrafted linocut stamp. Blank lines are available on the back of the card to write a word.

Quantity Product available with different options




Product: a card with an envelope.

Model: Flora - to choose.

Material: 100% paper

Envelope size: 22 x 11 cm

Card format: A4 sheet folded in 3

Color of the envelope: depending on the model: translucent, navy blue, gray.

Handcrafted in the Czech Republic.

Rosier Gris

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