L'Ecritoire Duo Color & Metallic Inks - 15 mL


L'Ecritoire's duo inks are a color chart or 5 vibrant and spangled colors: Black Gold, Violet Gold, Green Gold, Blue Gold.

These inks can be used with a dip pen, a glass nib or a brush for writing, drawing and calligraphy. They are handcrafted in France. 

Elegant and original, these colorful inks are fluid and very easy to use. Please shake the bottle (when it is closed of course) in order to mix the glitter with the aqueous base of the ink. However, these duos metallic inks are not suitable for fountain pen. 

L'Ecritoire offer a 15 mL ink bottle with a Bakekite cap also made in France; with the choice among 5 duo inks.




Product: Duo color metallic ink.

Color:  Black Gold, Violet Gold, Green Gold, Blue Gold.

Capacity: 15 mL

Handcrafted in France.

Encre - Or Violet