Iron-Gall Fountain Pen Inks


Iron-gall inks, also known as indelible, are permanent inks that will resist time and light. Made with iron, gallic acid and high quality dyes, the deep colors of Salix and Scabiosa iron-gall inks, will intensify over time due to the oxidation of iron and air on the paper.

They are also less subject to bleeding which make them high-performing even with poor quality papers. As such they can be considered of archival quality. 

Based on traditional recipes, Salix and Scabiosa inks are perfectly suited for use with a fountain pen, a dip pen, a glass nib, a brush...

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Product: Iron gall ink.

Capacity: 50mL

Brand: Roher & Klinger

Inks: Salix or Scabiosa - permanent inks.

Fountain pen friendly: yes

These inks are based on dyes, iron and gallic acid.

Rohrer & Klinger inks are made in Germany.

R&K Scabiosa