Octogonal Decorative Labels by L'Ecritoire


L'Ecritoire Stickettes are adhesive and decorative labels.

The Octagonal label model is printed on laid paper and gilded hot, these stickettes have finishes with incomparable metallic reflections. They are published in Paris and in small series by L'Ecritoire.

The Stickettes are presented here in a pack of 12 labels with a choice of color: navy blue and gold. Black is also available in a matte finish, i.e. there is no metallic effect.

Label color



Product: Package of 12 adhesive labels.

Model: Octogonal Labels. Matt white laid papier with gilding to choose between colors: marine blue, matte black, or gold. 

Label size (L x l): 36 mm x 36 mm

Stickers are printed in Paris by L'Ecritoire.


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