Kaweco Sketch Up 5.6mm Mechanical Pencil


Made of solid metal like steel and brass, the SketchUp 5.6mm mechanical pencil is a superb writing and drawing object. Its small hexagonal body as well as its weight offers a comfortable and balanced grip.

The push button at the end of the mechanical pencil allows both the lead to come out when pressed and is nothing more than a sharpener when it is unscrewed! This two-in-one mechanical pencil is an ideal companion to travel with.

This mechanical pencil is equipped with a 5.6 mm 5B lead and comes in a metal box.




Product: Mechanical pencil. A 5.6 mm 5B lead is included. Delivered in a metal box.

Model: KAWECO SketchUP

Body material: Solid metal, steel or brass depending on the finish chosen.

Length: 10.2 cm

Diameter: Ø1.3 cm

Weight : 40g

The pen is made in Germany. The box is made in China.