Kaweco Special Mini Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 or 0.7 mm


The Special collection is one of the earliest pen shapes from the German brand Kaweco, and can be largely dated to 1927 with the Colleg Extra pen. Today, these pens keep their unique streamlined shape and hexagonal body and are made of polished black aluminum.

The Special S mini mechanical pencils are only 10.9 cm long and are therefore easy to carry around. Balanced and awfully cute, they are great writing and drawing tools, very comfortable to use on a daily basis.

L'Ecritoire offers the 0.5mm mechanical pencil to be used mainly for drawing and precise details; and in 0.7mm, more versatile for writing and drawing in general. This tiny pen is also available in a ballpoint pen!

Kaweco Special



Product: Mechanical pencil with two HB graphie leads inside. Delivered in a metal box.

Model: KAWECO Kaweco Special S with a retractable push button

Body material: anodised black aluminium with ultra matte finish.

Length: 10.9 cm

Diameter : Ø1 cm

The pen is made in Germany. The box is made in China.

Kaweco Special Mini