Name to personnalise - Wax seal stamp


Marie, Sophie, Gilles, Camille, Michael, Grégoire, Valentine, Antoine, Marcus, Raphaël, Flora, Elliot, Charlotte, Fanny, Monique, Jean-Marc...

This wax seal stamp is composed of a rectangular seal engraved with the name, text or message of your choice (10 characters maximum), and a varnished wooden handle to screw. 

The script typography of this seal is characterized by a flexible and voluptuous writing alternating downstrokes and upstrokes. 

Wax seals in the images are made with our golden natural sealing wax lightly mixed with the red one. Wax sticks are sold separately.

Product customization

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  • 250 char. max
Wooden handle color



Product: engraved rectangular brass seal and a varnished wooden handle.

Model: name, surname, text to personnalise.

Alphabet or typography: script

Dimension : 6mm thick and with a size of 35x15mm.

Made in France.

Remark : please don't forget to choose the name or text to engrave and also the color of the wooden handle. They are varnished by hand, so the colors are likely to vary.

The seals are personalized and engrave once a week. We will send your order as soon as possible.

Bois naturel

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