Double Initial - Wax seal stamp to personnalize


Customizable  wax seal stamp with initials to make your letters, invitations and wedding or birth announcements unique.

This customizable wax seal stamp is composed of a round, square or rectangular brass disc engraved with the initials of your choice and a varnished wooden handle. The English typography of the letters is characterized by a supple and voluptuous writing alternating between full and thin.

The engraving can consist of the first two letters of the name and surname: VB. Or for a wedding the first two letters of first names assembled with the ampersand: V&A.

L'Ecritoire's wax seal stamp are 100% handcrafted in France.

Product customization

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Stamp Shape
Wooden handle color
Letters alignment
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Product: customizable wax seal stamp

Model: double initial

Alphabet or typography: Copperplate 


- round

- square

- rectangular

How to choose your stamp : 

1. Personalization of the engraving.

2. Shape of the seal, round, square or rectangular

3. Color of the varnished wooden handle.

4. Letter alignment: side by side or slightly offset.

Manufacturing: The seals are personalized and engraved once a week. We will send your order as soon as the seal is made.

100% French manufacturing.

Rond, alignée, bleu

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