Alphabet Book - 26 Postcards Herbarium


Poppy, pansy, 4-leaf clover, dandelion, lilac ...

These garden flowers are selected and pressed by Jean-Luc. Poet gardener, he delicately collects and assembles pressed flowers in order to create colorful herbaria and sensitive compositions. These are then printed in small series in postcard format.

L'Ecritoire offers this alphabet book made up of 26 postcards; evening one card for each letter of the alphabet.

Quantity Pre-Order - Approximately 1 week of delay




Product: 26 single cards with one card per letter of the alphabet. This assortment is offered without envelopes.

Model: alphabet book

Postcard format: 10,5 cm x 14,8 cm

Edited from real flowers and printed in small series in France. How about a visit to Jean-Luc's atelier and to lean more bout his production? 

If you wish to order a specific postcard model only, please write to us.

Abécédaire Herbier

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