Dip Pen made of rosewood - Unique piece


Dip Pen made of rosewood and-turned and hand-polished in France for L'Ecritoire. Rosewood is a veined wood, and as its name suggests, pink in color. This dip pen is unique because of its shape, its color, its length but also because of the softness of its polishing. The metal tip is standard and allows to insert many writing and drawing nibs.

L'Ecritoire's pen holders are turned with woods such as boxwood, paoro, ebony but also with Galalith and bone and sometimes horn. The selected materials, the shape and the length vary from one pen holder to another, combining poetry and creativity of the moment of manufacture and craftsmanship and excellence.




Product: Dip Pen holder

Model: Unique piece

Material: Rosewood

Diameter of the grip level: 1 cm

Weight: 16 grams

Unique piece handcrafted in France for L'Ecritoire Paris.

To learn more about the production of L'Ecritoire dip pens, please click here.

PP en bois de rose - unique

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