Herbin inks for fountain pen


Ets J.Herbin and L'Ecritoire are almost 46 years of history! And yes ! L'Ecritoire is one of the brand's oldest and most loyal customers, now belonging to Clairefontaine.

Black Pearl, Moon Dust, Blackcurrant Tears, Sapphire Radiance .... J.Herbin inks are both poetic names and a wide choice of luminous colors. L'Ecritoire offers a color chart of 17 different inks.

Based on water and natural dyes, they can be used to write, calligraphy and draw in a fountain pen as well as with a dip pen or a brush. It is an ink that flows smoothly and dries quickly.

J.Herbin inks are made in France near Lyon. Each 30ml bottle has an integrated pen rest.L'Ecritoire has made its color chart in order to present the colors and nuances of the inks in natural light. Also the colors are not contractual.

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Product: a bottle of ink. Delivered in a small cardboard box.

Capacity: 30mL

Brand: J.Herbin - La Perle des encres

Fountain pen friendly: Yes

This ink is based on water and natural dyes, acid-free and pH neutral.

Made in France

30ML - Violette Pensée

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