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Shimmering Fountain pen Diamine inks


Diamine “Shimmering” inks with a pearly and glitter effect will surprise you. Each ink has an extra shine of gold or silver bringing a special touch to your writing and correspondence.

Originally marketed under the name T.W. Webster & Co Ltd, Diamine began making ink in 1864, in Liverpool, and has remained faithfully based in the city ever since. It is now one of the last ink manufacturers in UK!

Diamine inks are ideal for writing, drawing and calligraphy; with a fountain pen, brush, pen holder or any other instrument. This brand is very famous for its know-how and its traditional formulas.

L'Ecritoire offers a selection of 20 shimmering inks with beautiful names to travel the streets of Liverpool!




Product: Diamine Shimmering ink

Please note: the color charts have been created by hand, however the reproduction of colors on your screen may differ from reality.

Capacity: 50 mL

Color: your choice

Inks manufactured in Liverpool, UK

Shake the bottle well before use. It is possible to use these inks in a fountain pen, however you will need to clean your pen regularly to prevent the ink from drying out.

Golden Sands

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