Tripod pen rest - Natural pewter or Bronze finish


Discreet and elegant, this pen rest is perfect for aspiring writers and lovers of words lying on soft paper. Slightly flowered, the tripod pen rest highlight and gives volume to the dip pen on a desk. The metallic nib is delicately caught in the tripod pen rest, balancing the dip pen slightly oblique with stability and volume. 

Molded from natural pewter in France, it is both durable and recyclable.

L'Ecritoire offers two models, in natural pewter and with a bronze finish. The addition of the bronze color on the support requires additional manufacturing manipulation explaining the difference in price between the two models.




Product: Pen rest. It is sold without the dip pen.

Model: Tripod 

Material: Natural pewter and bronze color for the associated model

Dimension of the pen rest (L x l x h): 60 mm x 40 mm x 30 mm 

Made in France


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