Dip Pen Holder in pewter with bronze colour


Dip pen holder handcrafted in France. The metal tip is standard and allows to insert many different writing and drawing nibs. 

Pewter is a natural, non-toxic, and fully recyclable ressource. The bonze colour is a supplementary step added to the dip pen in pewter only. Pewter foundry molding makes the possibility to create pen holders in small series with different shapes such as our 5 models presenter on our online shop: Lily Flower, Knight Templar, Violet Viola Flower, Eglantine rose flower, Twist and Lace filigree.

All that's left is to dip the pen in ink and run it with little imagination on the soft paper. 

Dip pen model
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Product: Dip pen with a nib Hiro Leonardt n°41. 

Model: to choose among the 7 proposed models. 

Material: Pewter with bronze colour.

Length of the pen without the nib: 16 cm for the "Knight Templar" one and 17 cm for the other 6 models.

Diameter of the grip level: 1 cm 

Weight: 30 grams

Made in France.


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