Pen tray and paperweight in ash wood - n°2


Fountain pen, ballpoint pen, roller, pen holder, brush, pencil ... Writing, calligraphy and drawing instruments will be collected and honored on a desk. Handcrafted, polished and varnished in France, this solid ash pencil tray is both practical and decorative.

Thanks to its weight and length, it can also be used as a paperweight!

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Product: Pencil case (it is sold empty - without pens, sharpener, wax...)

Material: 100% ash wood

Dimensions: 25 x 6 x 2,5 cm (the dimensions may vary slightly from one pen tray to another due to the fact that it is handcrafted).

Weight: 180 grams

Made in small series in France for L'Ecritoire.

Plumier chêne n°2

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