LAMY pico Ballpoint pen


Small and handy, the LAMY pico ballpoint pen has an innovative and sophisticated mechanism. When the push button is pressed, the pen expands to a comfortable size for writing. It measures 9.3cm when closed which makes it perfect to fit in the pocket and 12cm when extended for writing.

The LAMY pico is made of metal and plastic and is made in Germany. L'Ecritoire offers 5 different finishes: matt imperial blue, matt black, orange and neon pink (fluorescent at night) and fluogreen.

The ballpoint pen comes with a black LAMY M22 compact cartridge and a small plastic box.

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Product: ballpoint pen with a compact M22 black cartridge - Delivered in a small plastic box.

Model: LAMY pico

Color: to choose

Material: metal and plastic.

Size when closed: 9.3cm

Size when extended: 12cm

Weight: 22g

Design: Franco Clivio

Made in Germany.

The LAMY pico ballpoint pen is refillable by unscrewing the front of the pen; LAMY M22 compact refills.

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