LAMY abc Fountain pen in maple wood


The Lamy abc fountain pen sometimes brings back some school memories! It is often the very first fountain pen for children in learning to write.

This maple wood fountain pen is slightly smaller than a standard pen. It has a non-slip rubber tip allowing the fingers to be positioned correctly towards the nibs; thus preventing the pen from turning or slipping between the fingers.

It is delivered in a cardboard box with adhesive labels allowing to personalize the cap by writing a first name and accompanied by an erasable blue LAMY T10 ink cartridge.

Made in Germany, the little extra of this fountain pen is that it is possible to change only the solid steel nib if an accident should happen to it!

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Product: fountain pen delivered with labels to personalize the cap, an erasable blue LAMY T10 cartridge and a cardboard box.

Model: LAMY abc

Material: maple wood and plastic

Color: Red

Pen dimensions (L x W x H): 14.7 x 3 x 3 cm

Weight: 18 grams

Nib: solid steel - medium size

Made in Germany.

LAMY brand fountain pens only work with T10 cartridges or a LAMY brand Z28 converter.

Stylo-Plume LAMY abc

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