Safety fountain pen with retractable gold nib


"Safety" fountain pen with retractable 18 carat gold nib. Made by l'Ecritoire's grandfather under the Optimus brand, this collector's fountain pen dates from the 1930s.

Inside, this fountain pen has an old ebonite spiral that is filled with ink with a pipette when the nib is retracted (and the pen is vertical). The latter comes out when we turn the small screw thread at its end.

The 18-carat gold nib is extremely thin and flexible for exceptional writing comfort.

This old fountain pen should be handled with great care! "Guaranteed ink leakage"!

L'Ecritoire offers some very limited edition pieces!

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Product: antique fountain pen - Safety - with retractable 18 karat gold nib. Comes with a small kraft box.

Pen length when closed with its cap: 11 cm

Pen length with the nib retracted: 9 cm

Pen length with the nib pulled out: 11 cm

Diameter: 0.7 cm - 1 cm

Please note, this is an antique collector's pen - it should be handled with great care.

This fountain pen is in immaculate condition and has been restored.

Optimus Safety