Ebonite dip pen with a cap


Ebonite dip pen with a cap from the 1930s.

For the record, it is one of the last wonderful finds from the store. At the start, it was a fountain pen with a leaking nib block. It was manufactured by our grandfather Tardy under his famous brand Optimus. L'Ecritoire transformed it into a dip pen holder allowing it to be transported without the pen stinging or clinging to the bags. And at the same time it does not leak at all!

Ebonite is an ancient material that is used to a very limited extent today. It is a very hard and black material like ebony resulting from the vulcanization of rubber.

The metal tip is standard and allows to insert many writing and drawing nibs.




Product: Dip pen with a cap - It is sold with some nibs to play with.

Model: Vintage - in perfect condition.

Material: Ebonite

Made in France.

Porte-Plume capuchon ebonite

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