Writing set in wood to write with a dip pen and ink


Do you want to write with a dip pen and ink? This school set contains everything you need to write: a pen box, a dip pen holder, 5 writing nibs and a 7 ml bottle of violet ink.

All the nibs in this set are standard and can be attached to most pen holders. The pen holder is in red stained wood with, at the front, a metal part where it is engraved "Gilbert & Blanzy Poure", old French brand. 
In France, most of the students learned to write at school with violet ink !

The pen box is made with spruce and poplar. The cover is engraved with a hand holding a red penholder. Instructions written by a real French teacher are inserted at the bottom of the pencil case. A small wooden paste is used to block the ink bottle inside.

This writing set is handcrafted in France.

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Product: spruce and poplar pen box containing a 7ml violet ink bottle, a dip pen holder and a box containing 5 writing nibs.

Handcrafted in France

Discover L'Ecritoire's 10 tips for writing with ink and dip pen.

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