Aluminium Double Pencil Sharpener With Reservoir


Sharpener for graphite and color pencil leads of standard sizes and also the largest. Drilled from a single block of aluminum, this sharpener is a superb object in its own. 

Its reservoir unscrews allowing access to the pencil peelings as well as the blades. these are made of hardened seed and are very sharp. It is possible (and easy) to replace them when necessary to do so.

Both robust and durable, it is a real pencil sharpener that sharpens !




Product: double pencil sharpener with reservoir

Material: aluminium

Size: 6.4 x 3.9 x3.9 cm

Weight: 90 g

Pencil diameter: up to 7.8 mm and 11 mm

Made in Germany

Taille crayon en alu

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