Eagle of Napoleon - Wax Seal Stamp in pewter


Square wax seal stamp with the eagle of Napoleon and a monogram N under its paws. The wax seal stamp is made of natural pewter (Etain in French!) and has a finely crafted handle. We can read on the handle : étain, made in France.

Peter is a natural resource, non-toxic, and comptent recyclable. Pewter foundry moulding allows a depth of relief engraving and fine details. 

 The wax seal in this image is made with natural wax in gold color. Natural and colored sealing wax is sold separately.




Product: wax seal stamp - delivered with a small bag and instructions for use. 

Model: Aigle de Napoléon - Eagle of Napoleon

Material: 94% pewter

Size of the square stamp: 1,8 x 1,8 cm

Total height of the seal: 4.5 cm

Handcrafted in France

Etain Aigle de Napoléon

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