Eagle of Napoleon - Wax Seal Stamp in pewter


Wax seal stamp "L'Aigle de Napoléon" / "Eagle of Napoleon" made of pewter, handcrafted in France. 

Pewter is a natural resource, non-toxic, and completely recyclable.

Pewter foundry moulding allows a depth of relief engraving and fine details. 

In this image, the stamp is made of natural wax of "Rouge Traditionnel" color, and enhanced with gold ink pad. Colored wax sticks and ink pad (gold or silver) are sold separately.

Product: wax seal stamp - delivered with a small bag and instructions for use. 

Model: Aigle de Napoléon - Eagle of Napoleon

Material: 94% pewter

Size of the square stamp: 1,8 x 1,8 cm

Total height of the seal: 4.5 cm

Made in France by a craftsman.

Etain Aigle de Napoléon

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