Napoleon pen rest - Natural pewter or Bronze finish


Decorative and symbolic, this pen rest is decorated with Napoleon symbols such as the crown, laurel leaves, the imperial eagle and the N of the Emperor Napoleon. It mainly accommodates a dip pen, preventing it from rolling on the desk. The metal nib is delicately caught in a small hole inside the pen rest balancing the pen holder vertically and adding volume to a desk.

Molded from natural tin in France, it is both durable and recyclable.

L'Ecritoire offers two models, in natural pewter and with a bronze finish. The addition of the bronze color on the support requires additional manufacturing manipulation explaining the difference in price between the two models.




Product: Pen rest. It is sold without the dip pen.

Model: Napoleon

Material: Natural pewter and bronze color for the associated model

Dimension of the pen rest (L x l x h): 50 mm x 40 mm x 50 mm 

Made in France.


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