Boot pen rest - Natural pewter


Happily accommodation one of two dip pens, this pen rest combines originality and efficiency. With the shape of an Italian boot, it is ideal for lovers of pen and ink writing. 

The first dip pen, or perhaps a pen or a brush, is placed horizontally in the deep of the boot. The second dip pen stand vertically slightly oblique. The metal nib of the pen being delicately blocked in a small hole in the pen rest give volume and stability to this model. 

Molded from natural pewter in France, it is both durable and recyclable.




Product: Pen rest. It is sold without the dip pen.

Model: Boot

Material: Pewter

Dimension of the pen rest (L x l x h): 25 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm

Made in France.

Support Etain Botte

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