How to use sealing wax

L'Ecritoire presents in this tutorial, how to seal a enveloppe with natural wax. Wax seals add a great and beautiful touch to your hand lettered letters and invitations.

How to use Seal & Wax

1/ Break a small piece of wax and place it on a spoon.

2/ Put a candle under the spoon to melt the wax.

3/ Poor the melted wax on the desired area.

4/ Wait a few moment while the wax is solidifying. If the wax is too hot, it may stick. 

5/ Apply the seal on the wax firmly.


You can mix  different waxes. 

Practice on oiled paper. 

Cool the seal in cold water and dry it before sealing.

Golden or silver ink will enhance the color of the seal. 

You can re-use any failed seals, don’t throw them away.

If you want to watch our tutorial, please click here. 

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