New creations made of Limoges porcelain

Limoges porcelain is making a comeback in L'Ecritoire with inkwells and nib boxes.

Drawn and painted by hand for unique pieces or in chromo for small series.

Do you know the difference between these two processes?

Traditionally, the porcelain painter applies colors to white porcelain using a brush and then fires them between 700 ° C and 850 ° C. A decoration can include several fires and in particular when there are many different colors on it. The important thing is to start by firing the colors that can withstand the highest temperatures, cover them to protect them and continue with the colors that bake at lower temperatures. And so on. A know-how of excellence and patience with sometimes the work of gold and platinum for incomparable finishes.

The chromo technique allows a decal to be placed on the white porcelain and thus fired only once. It is possible to work both techniques on the same object.

This Marie-Antoinette porcelain inkwell is entirely drawn and painted by hand in the Paris region, with fine gold for the outlines and the leaves. It is a unique piece sold at L'Ecritoire and nowhere else.

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